By 2030, one-time packaging
in food logistics
will be history


Standard for all food suppliers


Less food waste/ damage


Less loading time


Less returning transport

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Our crates are used by dairy, meat, and vegetable producers as well as retail chains in their kitchens.
Our universal crates are designed for all product categories and are accepted by all major retail chains in the region.
We serve both market-leading retail chains as well as small manufacturers.



Fruits & vegetables



Our Portfolio

Nestable, cross-stackable, standardized crates ensure the efficient use of storage, transport, and retail space.
All crates have a distinct double advantage: storing the full capacity while stacking and reducing the height to one-third while nesting. That enables to save space on storage and transportation.

Why Choose Our Company

Our services, your advantages

Our task is to ensure the efficiency, reliability, and service development of transport packaging circulation. You are able to fully concentrate on your core business.

Wide range of service models and products, including plastic crates, dollies and pallets, customized to fit into your operational model.


Lost crates, broken crates, transport items not arriving on time. None of this is your worry. No “black market” and waste from getting in and out of the circle. We do not sell our crates and make sure that they are not used illegally.

We invest in modern, environment friendly washing technology that meet the highest hygiene requirements of the EU standard and minimize energy and water consumption.


Equipment pooling

Most popular service model. 

equipment rental

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Equipment rental

Preferred service model for companies with existing washing lines. 

equipment rental

We have the largest specialty dairy crates in the world.

Once upon a time there were 100+ different types of boxes in the food industry…
Supply chain managers of large manufacturers and retailers saw the need to make transport more efficient.

We came to the market with the principle of a rental and sharing economy and believed that the goals could only be achieved by sharing crates and other equipment between different manufacturers.
We understand supply chains are global, therefore we act as a promoter of standardization of supply chain approaches to achieve long-term impact.

In cooperation with our network, we created one agreed crate standard that is used by all Baltic trading partners.
We developed a tracking system, built state-of-the-art central wash plants and ensured that there was sufficient stock of transport items at all times.

Where do we operate?

equipment rental

Innovation for Sustainability


Shared crate pool is better for the environment as overall numbers are minimised and we recycle the components.


Standardized reusable packaging enables automation of production and warehouse management. There are successful examples from many of our clients.

Using Bepco solution